Applications & Admissions

Application & Admission

CHAM has implemented standard operating procedures for recruitment, applications and admission to our training colleges. However, each individual training college conducts its admissions reviews independently. These processes are holistic, and examine academic performance and test scores alongside interviews and essays. Our colleges are looking not only for the best-qualified candidates academically, but those candidates whose values and personalities are best fit for their chosen career path, specific field of study and college. 

CHAM training colleges embrace human rights, diversity and inclusivity. We seek to attract a wide range of applicants from different social and educational backgrounds, including those who come from schools and rural villages where relatively few students progress to college education. People of all backgrounds, faiths, creeds and identities are welcome to apply. 

​Admission is subject to the availability of places. There are restrictions on the number of places each Training Institution can make available, and therefore competition for places is often extremely high.

Graduates of CHAM training colleges are deployed at CHAM and Malawi government facilities at rates of 40 and 60%, respectively.

If you have questions about admissions at any of our training colleges, please direct your question to the relevant college. Contact emails for each college can be found below.

CHAM and all the colleges within its network do not have “agents” or “middlemen” for the student recruitment exercise. CHAM is therefore advising all Prospective students and their guardians not to deal with anyone who claims to act on behalf of CHAM or the colleges. You do not need to pay any money to be admitted into CHAM colleges. The only fees required is a non-refundable interview fee payable on the day of the interview at the college and Tuition and boarding fees after you have been admitted. If in doubt, please contact the colleges only through the numbers that have been provided here.