Celebrating the Unwavering Dedication of CHAM Healthcare Workers on the 2023 Labour Day

CHAM is a network of faith-based healthcare facilities and training colleges in Malawi, established in 1966 to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to all Malawians and train mid-level healthcare workers, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status. Today, CHAM operates 187 health facilities and 11 training colleges throughout the country. These health facilities are hospitals, community hospitals, and health centers.

The healthcare workers employed by CHAM play a critical role in delivering healthcare services to the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the hard-to-reach areas of Malawi. These workers face a wide range of challenges related to hospital equipment and supplies, in-service training, and inadequate finances. Despite these obstacles, CHAM’s healthcare workers have continued to provide quality essential health services to the people of Malawi with compassion and care.

On this Labor Day, the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) proudly celebrates the remarkable contributions of its healthcare workers to the health sector in Malawi. Despite facing numerous challenges, these tireless workers have remained dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services to the people of Malawi.

CHAM’s Executive Director, Happy Makala, highlights the organization’s ongoing efforts to improve health service delivery in Malawi. “We are committed to providing quality health care, particularly in the hard-to-reach areas in Malawi where access to healthcare is limited. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every Malawian has access to healthcare services they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.”

One of the many dedicated healthcare workers employed by CHAM is Acting Medical Officer In-Charge Mr. Ishmael Jonathan Nyirenda, who works at David Gordon Memorial Hospital (DGMH) in Livingstonia, Rumphi. Mr. Nyirenda has been working in CHAM for over 20 years and is passionate about providing high-quality healthcare services to his patients. “As a healthcare worker, I take pride in knowing that I have the responsibility to make a positive impact on someone’s life every day. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my community, and I will continue to do so with my utmost dedication and compassion.”

Through the hard work and perseverance of CHAM healthcare workers, essential healthcare services have been made available to marginalized and underserved communities in Malawi. This has resulted in significant improvements in health outcomes and a stronger healthcare system throughout the country.

Despite the significant progress made by CHAM and its healthcare workers, the healthcare worker shortage remains a big challenge facing the healthcare sector in Malawi. The country continues to face a severe shortage of healthcare workers, with an estimated 1.5 healthcare workers per 1,000 people. This shortage is particularly acute in rural areas, where access to healthcare services is limited.

To address this challenge, CHAM is working closely with the Malawi Government through the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to strengthen the capacity of the health workforce in the country. This includes providing extensive training and support for healthcare workers, increasing access to essential medicines and medical equipment, and advocating for increased funding for the healthcare sector. This improved capacity of CHAM health workers will help to improve the performance of our health care system.

On this Labor Day, we celebrate the heroic efforts of CHAM healthcare workers who continue to serve their communities with unwavering dedication and commitment. Their outstanding contributions have made a significant impact on the health and well-being of Malawians, and their work is a testimony to the importance of healthcare workers in our society. We thank them for their tireless efforts and look forward to their continued success in the years to come. May God Bless CHAM and all other healthcare workers in the health sector in Malawi.