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1st July  2021


Group Photo of Facility Members from Northern Region at the Regional Meeting in Mzuzu
​Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) in June 2021 organized three Regional Meetings.  These meetings took place in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.  The meeting targeted about 370 participants from 179 CHAM health facilities and 11 colleges.

CHAM’s Executive Director Happy E. Makala said, “Meetings such as that can help ensure that challenges we face in an effort to deliver quality health services as well as providing quality pre-service training of health workers in the country are addressed”.

The meetings were attended by health facilities and training colleges management teams.

Speaking in Mzuzu, the Northern Region Health Coordinator Miss Mphatso Ngulube, “we are grateful that we have met once again.  These meetings are very much important to the growth of our facilities.  All of us acknowledge how critical things are now but together we will conquer the challenges we are facing. CHAM should not stop bringing us together”.

During the meetings, several presentations were made such as service level agreements updates, human resource updates, business development updates, pharmacy updates, health services updates, audit updates, finance updates,  COVID-19 updates and sharing of best practices from training colleges.

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