Dream Fulfilled through the DREAMS Club

Patuma Kasimu is a 19-year-old woman from Ntupanyama Village in the Machinga District who has found the support and guidance she needs to achieve her dreams through the DREAMS Club. When Patuma joined the club in February 2021, she was just coming off of completing her secondary education and was feeling aimless, spending her days at home. It was a friend who invited her to attend the sessions for adolescent girls and young women within the DREAMS program, and though Patuma was hesitant, she agreed to go.

It wasn’t until May 2022, after participating in an intensive mentorship program, that Patuma began to see the value in the club and fully committed herself to its activities. She made the decision to put in maximum effort and has not missed a single meeting since. Patuma has taken what she has learned and applied it to her daily life, using it as a foundation for her future goals.

In July 2021, Patuma received an invitation from the EMPOWER Project to become a DREAMS Ambassador. She submitted her application and was selected for a training program in Blantyre, a city she had never before visited. The training provided her with the chance to interact with other young women from different backgrounds and locations, and Patuma made the most of it, giving a presentation that brought her great joy and a sense of accomplishment. Returning home after the training, Patuma was inspired to work with adolescent girls and young women in her own community, sharing what she had learned and empowering them to pursue their own dreams. Patuma has big plans for the future, including completing college through the Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA) and starting a tailoring shop after getting married. She is grateful for the opportunities provided by the DREAMS Club and is determined to make the most of them as she works towards her goals