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59 Nurse and Midwifery Technicians Receive Diplomas

20th June, 2021


NMT receiving a Diploma
​On Friday June 18, 2021, about 59 Nurse and Midwifery Technicians (NMT) at Trinity College of Nursing were awarded Academic Diplomas after long journey of academic endurance.  There was an exhilarating parade mood of graduating students.  The faces of parents and guardians were filled with smiles seeing their children in graduation regalia.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, the College Principal Chipondeponde said that the journey to the success of graduating students was not easy but students endured to the end. Guardians did not resent.

The class was enrolled on 7 September 2017. The day they were graduating marked 3 years 9 months.  The class was expected to graduate in 2020 but due to COVID-19, the program was affected.

Out of 59 graduates, 20 students were on government scholarship.  The scholarship that the college received from government were the last scholarships.  The college has 22 lectures.

According to Felix Magwira CHAM’s Project Officer said, “Trinity College of Nursing and Midwifery as a CHAM college is committed to providing quality education to all the students.  We are hoping that you the group seated in front of us today you will deliver that service. Today I am challenging you to take up this responsibility to go out and make a meaningful positive change in the health care provision”.

The college acknowledged the efforts that CHAM together with Ministry provide to the college.  The college requested for the continuity of that partnership so that Malawians continue to benefit from that.
The representative of Nursing Directorate in the Ministry of Health Mr. Matemba said, “If you love what you do, you will find joy in serving others. As Nurses and Midwives, we must genuinely find interest in serving our clients and helping them achieve their goals. Nursing and Midwifery being complex and challenging but it is a noble course.  We must join the profession with an aim of improving the image of our noble and wonderful profession.”

Mr. Matemba said that Nurses should not allow technology overtake them.  He discouraged Nurses from taking selfies of patients because it is against nurses work ethnics. 

Government appreciated the partnership that exist between CHAM and Ministry of Health in the delivery of health care system in Malawi.  In addition, Government commended CHAM for coordinating all its training colleges in Malawi.

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