Health Service Delivery

CHAM health facilities deliver high-quality, affordable, and sustainable healthcare services to communities across Malawi. CHAM facilities have a reputation for excellence in care and service, both within the communities they serve and across Malawi.

Clinical Care Services

CHAM facilities provide 37% of Malawi’s healthcare services. However, in rural, impoverished, and hard-to-reach areas, this number is as high as 84%. As Malawi’s largest non-governmental healthcare provider, CHAM’s work is pivotal in making Malawi’s health sector affordable, high-quality and sustainable.

Essential Health Services

CHAM facilities deliver the most essential healthcare to Malawi’s most rural, vulnerable, and under-served populations.

CHAM facilities universally deliver basic primary care and outpatient treatment services. A majority of our facilities deliver the full Essential Health Package of services. This package includes primary care services, trauma care, sexual and reproductive healthcare, and treatment of infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, diarrheal disease, and respiratory infections.

Infectious Disease Care

CHAM and our member facilities leverage our pharmacy, laboratory, clinical and public health expertise to reduce the burden of HIV and other infectious diseases in Malawi.

Malawi has one of the world’s highest rates of infectious diseases – including HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. To increase access to care and achieve the “90-90-90” goals, CHAM trains laboratory technicians and specialists, operates community outreach programs, expands technical and infrastructural capacity to deliver high-quality, confidential care.

Maternal Care Services

CHAM facilities are renowned throughout Malawi for their high-quality maternal care.

Know a Malawian? Odds are, they were born at a CHAM facility! 75% of CHAM facilities offer maternity care services. These facilities – ranging from small health centers to large general hospitals – supplement high-quality clinical care with community outreach to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes and increase knowledge and use of our services. This multi-pronged approach means CHAM facilities offer Malawi’s best antenatal, maternity & delivery and post-natal services.  

Mental Health Services

CHAM facilities deliver a majority of Malawi’s inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance use services.

Access to mental health and substance use services is very low in Malawi compared to our global peers. CHAM facilities strive to promote mental wellness and to provide mental health services in primary care. We also operate community-based mental health services, outpatient mental health clinics, mental hospitals and rehabilitation centers for substance abuse.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

In addition to maternal care, CHAM offers Malawian men and women diverse sexual and reproductive health options, helping them plan for the future and family they want, when they want.

CHAM facilities strive to offer comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare services to all of the facilities we serve, including modern contraceptive methods. Working in clinics and communities, CHAM is expanding sexual and reproductive healthcare through increasing care options, promoting knowledge and uptake, and empowering young people and women to be able to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.

Youth-Friendly Health Services

A majority of Malawi’s population is under the age of 35. These young people require specialized health services.

CHAM and its member facilities are committed to youth empowerment and health. Our facilities are engineered to be accessible to young people. We are constantly working to train more CHAM staff in the delivery of comprehensive youth-friendly health services – including youth-health sexual and reproductive healthcare, mental healthcare, violence prevention/intervention, essential services, disease management and other services.

Community Care Services

CHAM and its member facilities provide numerous community-based care services and resources in order to improve social determinants of health and health outcomes in the communities we serve and across Malawi . 

Community Outreach & Education

Sustainably improving health requires a public health approach. Community outreach and education is integral to our care approach.

CHAM facilities are an integrated part of their communities, and they participate accordingly. CHAM facilities operate diverse outreach and education programs. Some examples of our outreach projects include community kitchens for nutrition education, mental health clubs, girl’s empowerment campaigns, youth peer-to-peer sexual health education, and voluntary medical male circumcision outreach clinics.

Expanding Access to Care

CHAM and its partners constantly improve and expand upon CHAM’s facilities, enabling them to offer the highest quantity and quality of services.

CHAM is coordinating numerous construction and renovation projects in its facilities. These projects span from constructing new maternity centers and laboratories to digging boreholes and installing solar power infrastructure. Each project will enable CHAM facilities serving high-need, low-resource communities to offer a wider range of clinical and laboratory services. 

Pharmacy Services

Without access to quality pharmaceuticals, good health is impossible. That’s why CHAM has created our own pharmaceutical operation.

CHAM facilities serve a huge portion of Malawi’s population and therefore have the substantial buying power to influence pharmacy supply chains. We are working to use this buying power to provide drugs and other pharmaceuticals to our facilities that are otherwise inaccessible in the rural, low-resource communities we serve.


CHAM’s development partners enable CHAM to deliver high-tech, comprehensive care within health projects targeting specific regions, conditions, or outcomes.

CHAM collaborates with local and international partners to implement projects in our health facilities and training colleges. Our staff possesses diverse skills and experience in implementing diverse projects – from highly technical research to basic health education, from nutrition to youth empowerment. Learn more about our current and previous projects here.

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