Service-Level Agreements

Service-Level Agreements

CHAM partners with the Malawi government to expand access to high-quality, life-saving health services to underserved, rural and hard-to-reach areas.

Service-Level Agreements, or “SLAs”, are agreements between CHAM facilities and District Health Offices (DHOs) of the Malawi government.  wherein CHAM agrees to provide critical care services, free of charge, to communities that would otherwise not be able to access critical health services. DHOs then reimburse CHAM facilities for the cost of these services, allowing them to continue on their mission of delivering high-quality care to all.

SLAs reduce or eliminate user fees at CHAM facilities. This increases access to care for poor and rural communities, encourages the use and development of local community health facilities, and helps to alleviate over-crowding in government facilities. In this way, SLAs are a crucial step towards universal coverage and health equity in Malawi.

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