Vision, Mission & Values


CHAM envisions a Malawi where all people are able to access high quality, affordable health services. As an organization, CHAM strives to be a leader in the provision of holistic, quality, inclusive and sustainable health services for all people in Malawi, as inspired by the healing Ministry of Jesus Christ.


CHAM is an ecumenical organization committed to provide administrative and technical support to all member units including hard to reach areas so that they provide holistic, quality, affordable and accessible gender sensitive health services that have preferential treatment for the poor.


CHAM and its member facilities are committed to providing care and training in line with our core values:
  • Christian identity and witness;
  • unity of purpose;
  • client centeredness;
  • gender sensitivity;
  • respect for human dignity and rights;
  • participatory approach in management;
  • accountability and transparency;
  • innovation and sustainability.

History of CHAM

Our Impact

Governance Structure