CHAM is owned by two mother bodies – the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) and the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC). Members of both these organizations jointly form the Board of Trustees, which is comprised of 5 members. The Board of Trustees are the overseers of CHAM’s functions and assets.

CHAM is also coordinated by the General Assembly, the supreme body comprised of all associating “proprietors” – that is, the legal holders of the health facilities and training colleges. The General Assembly meets annually, and it guides policy, practice and human resource decisions at the CHAM Secretariat. Under these associating proprietors are health coordination desks, who are not members of the General Assembly but serve to keep Assembly members informed about the status of their member units.

CHAM is also managed by the Board of Directors, who provide policy oversight and direct the implementation of the CHAM strategic plan. The Board of Directors is also responsible for reporting to the annual General Assembly meeting and the mother bodies. The Board is comprised of 8 members who serve a maximum of two appointments of four years each.

The CHAM Secretariat was established as an executive arm of CHAM. The Executive Director leads the Secretariat with the support of four heads of departments: Head of Finance & Administration, Head of Human Resource Management, Head of Monitoring & Evaluation, and Head of Health Programs. The Secretariat  is responsible for the actual action of the strategic plan implementation. It is also tasked with quality improvement within CHAM member units, and the coordination of member units and stakeholders.

Finally, the member units are comprised of health facilities and training colleges. These facilities provide holistic, quality and sustainable health services to the people of Malawi.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of representatives of CHAM’s proprietors . . . 

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are the  legal overseers of CHAM and its assets . . . 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides policy oversight and direct . . . 

CHAM Secretariat

The CHAM Secretariat is responsible for quality improvement and . . .